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Is one of your front teeth damaged or heavily decayed? Have you been told that you may need a dental crown to bring back the tooth’s health and function? If so, you may not have to worry that you’ll have a metal crown in the middle of your smile. For a front tooth, if you’d like, we can offer you a porcelain one.

If your tooth is broken or has cracked, it could require a dental crown. You might also get one if your tooth has undergone a root canal treatment. Since the tooth may be highly visible when you talk or smile, Dr. Derek Takai might recommend that you get a porcelain crown because it can match the color of your smile. Porcelain can reflect light in the same way that your tooth enamel does, which can help it blend into your smile.

You should continue to brush and floss your teeth like you normally would, but you may need to make sure that your toothpaste isn’t too abrasive for your dental crown. You should keep in mind that you might chip or crack your crown if you chew on your nails, ice, pens or hard candies. And, while your crowns may be stain resistant, the remainder of your smile might not be—so you might want to limit how frequently you eat the foods that have been known to stain.

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