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Dental floss is often underused when it comes to oral health care. Many people may feel that brushing their teeth twice a day is sufficient to keep their smile clean. However, brushing cannot adequately reach areas between teeth. Dental floss and water flossers, have been proven to be highly effective for cleaning between teeth.

If you choose to use dental floss, you may want to use floss that is resistant to shredding. This ensures the floss that will not fray or tear while being used. Single filament threads are known for being shred resistant. Always make sure to use a strand that is roughly 18” in length, so you can adequately clean between each and every tooth with a fresh section of floss. You should floss at least once a day, and ue a new piece of floss every time. And of course, you should see your dentist for your regular cleanings and exams.

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