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Oral cancer is a deadly issue that plagues patients at any age–in fact, over 40,000 new diagnoses are pronounced in the US every year–but recovery can be very likely if an early diagnosis is made. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule an oral cancer screening right away if you notice any potential signs of oral cancer, or even if you don’t notice any symptoms but haven’t had your health examined in a while. Our team has provided a list of oral cancer symptoms that indicate the need to see a dentist for an oral cancer screening:

– Significant weight loss seemingly without reason
– Bleeding in the mouth that seems unexplained or unusual
– Sores in the facial and mouth areas that last longer than two weeks
– New developments in the alignment of your teeth, including how they come together and difficulty closing and opening your mouth
– Ear pain
– Loss of feeling or numbing around the neck, face, or mouth
– A lump in the throat that doesn’t go away
– Mouth irregularities such as rough patches, swelling, lumps, bumps, crusts, or erosion
– Difficulty speaking, eating, chewing, or swallowing
– A long-lasting sore throat
– A new development in your voice
– Red, white, or speckled blotches in the mouth

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