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If you have not done so already, now is the perfect time to establish a safe and effective oral health care plan to enhance your smile and protect yourself from any possible tooth hazards that may arise. Not only should you have an effective prevention plan in place, but you should also make sure treatments are ready to ensure the best chance of oral health care success should an oral accident or injury arise. Listed below are common tooth hazards to look out for:

– Bad habits such as chewing on inedible products such as pens, pencils, and pen caps greatly weaken your teeth and can potentially lead to chips and cracks.
– Be aware that heavy consumption of coffee has been known to stain and yellow teeth.
– Avoid bad habits such a smoking, which can stain your teeth, lead to bad breath, and eventually contribute to or cause cancer and tooth loss.
– Be aware that numerous products can eat away at your tooth enamel due to acids within them, including substances such as red and white wines.
– An unhealthy habit that is often present in numerous individuals and can do dental damage is biting and chewing on your nails.

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